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Did you know that the most common thought for every human being on earth is the thought of money and financial independence.

No matter what you want or think about, it will always require money.
That is why work, takes up to half of the conscious life, for almost every person.
Despite this, for almost all people, financial success is still just a dream.

And now imagine that today every person on the planet will share 1 dollar with you. It will not be difficult for them, but you will Wake up a billionaire in the morning!

Too easy?
Yeah.... The only question is how to encourage them to do it.

By Becoming a member of the multi-level system of structuring Globaxchain, every day you will receive tens and hundreds of dollars transferred to your account, and not for one, but for a few dollars.
People from all over the world will be interested in transferring money to you, and that's why.

The whole process of participation is reduced to simple registrations, which are structured into endless chains of relationships on a binary blockchain system, and with the help of voluntary crowdfunding, which is built into the system, the financial interest of each person is achieved.

In fact, we produce a kind of census of the world's population, where the location of each person would be taken into account including their city and state, as it is today, but in the global structure and global hierarchy.

The goal of the Globaxchain startup is to repeat the already proven theory of six handshakes, through which the largest companies and many financially successful people you know earn money.

There are no mandatory payments in the system and you can participate without investing a penny, but there is also a paid membership available which is $ 33 per year.
Its purchase assigns the status of a paid participant and gives an increased profit in comparison with a free participant, as well as additional earnings formed from points on an infinite binary system.... but more on that later..

When a paid participant appears, $33 is distributed to 8 people who are connected to the eighth level.

The first level gets 5 dollars. From the 2nd to the 7th-3 dollars. And $ 7 goes to the person who is on the eighth level
The remaining $3 is the revenue of the Globaxchain system.

Each registration of a new person is built into a multi-level system, raising all the previous cells one level up, creating a condition of geometric progression.
And when a paid participant appears at any level, people in the eight-level relationship earn money, according to the presented instruction.

Let's look at an example of how it works

You can only register using the referral link of one of the participants.

After registration, you will receive your own referral link to the Globaxchain website, which you can place on the Internet or share it via any messenger.
Each person who will follow it and register-will take a cell in your structure, and also get their own referral link, which can also be passed to other people.

For example...., only 5 people have registered on your link and each of the following, already on their referral links, will also register only 5.

Let's assume that only 20 percent of people will want to pay for participation.

Under these conditions, the following will happen...

In the first level, you will have 5 people, one of them will pay for participation and you will earn 5 dollars, which will be instantly transferred to your personal account.

In the second level, you will have 25 new people, and your earnings will be 15 dollars.
This process will repeat exactly the same way and when 125 people are reached, you get $75.
At the next level, you will have 625 participants, and your income will be $375.
Next in your network 3125 people and you get another 1875 dollars.
Next, it's 15625 people and your profit is $9375.
In the seventh level, you will have 78,125 new members, and your income is 46,875 dollars.
And finally, in the 8th level-it is 390625 people and you will earn 546875 dollars.

At the same time, the total amount of transfers that you will receive in the form of crowdfunding will be 605470 dollars!

And that's if only 20 percent of people want to purchase the advanced features of the Globaxchain!
In fact, there can be many more paid participants, as well as people who can be invited by you, or all subsequent people.

If you want to pay for participation, you will receive 3 percent more.

But that's not all! For each payment, the system charges 1 point on the binary system from any depth of your levels, not only from the first to the eighth, and if you are a paid participant yourself , you can earn additional points.
Every 900 points accumulated in the left and right binary network symmetrically-bring you $ 100 extra!

It's called a Check.

If you observe the symmetry of the accumulated points - in the example above, you will receive 108 checks for $ 100, which will be plus $ 10800 to your income!
And this does not include any subsequent levels, from which you will also accumulate points, transferred to checks and instantly arrive at your personal details.

In addition, for the first 15 days after registration, any participant can earn an additional speed bonus, which is equal to 5 percent of their income!
Accordingly, the free participant gets 5 percent more, paid-8.

It should be noted that the annual extension of paid opportunities by people brings exactly the same profit, creating a constant and daily source of income for you and all people.
...And this is in spite of the fact that once you invited only a few people.... And, perhaps you and they are still in the status of free users ..

Join the  Globaxchain international structuring system now!

Invite a few friends and just watch as your network grows and your account receives money!

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Blockchain system

for people

Worldwide Blockchain system for people

Innovative System
structuring and Crowdfunding

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Anti-crisis measures!

Dear friends! In view of the World Crisis and the quarantine associated with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we introduce a temporary Anti-Crisis Offer and reduce the cost of paid participation by 3 times, from $ 33 to 11!
10 dollars out of 11 are distributed in the network in the following order. The first level is $ 2, from the second to the seventh for $ 1 and $ 2 gets a person who is at the eighth level. Paid users get +3% as well.
The remaining $ 1 GlobaxChain revenue, from which we accrue 1 point to the network from each paid member as well.
The current cost of paid participation reduces the income described in the video presentation about 3 times, but not for everyone, given the Checks.
Take care of yourself and your family, and earn money from home!

Theory of Six Handshakes

All people are related by six (+ -) generations (levels). In simple words, this means that in your circle of acquaintances, through ~6 friends, in a chain, you will overtake the planet Earth, including every person. Any president, any other celebrity is directly in your relationship
... if you knew about it.
Source Source 2

Blockchain system

The basic blockchain system is structured, according to the Binary rule. The GlobaxChain system comprises an infinite Binary relationship, structuring people, including by such concepts as “Spillover” or “Overflow”. This multiplies the logical [indirect] relationship of people and it is the basis for the functioning of marketing.

Instant crowdfunding

Voluntary money transfers arrive instantly to the personal details of paid and free members in the form of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a legal way to receive money in any country in the world. Connected systems are as follows: Webmoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Perfect money, AdvCash, VISA / Mastercard and others.

Globaxchain is an open start-up project for structuring (or census) of people, with the help of which you can build the structure in the easiest way and start making money both from multi-level Crowdfunding, (in fact, Donates) and other internal transactions, so in the future and from external ones.

Total no risk

  • You can participate and receive money without any investments
  • Money is not delayed and does not accumulate in the system. No need to order withdrawal, it is distributed immediately. Instantly.*
  • You get money for your own details the very second as soon as paid members appear on your network.
Connected systems for which you can instantly accept money
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